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Meet Frank and Family

Leo taking after his Dad and DJing
Lillian on a haystack at a Pumpkin Patch
Frank and his family spending some quality time at the Zoo
Frank in his Chicago Bulls hoodie ready to watch NBA Saturday Night

Don’t call Frank a Content Creator because he has a real job, and this is just for fun but will gladly accept any sponsorships that come his way.

Frank was on the internet before the internet was cool when he hosed an internet radio show called The Frank Radio Show (which is back, follow link here) and then got married, had two kids, and didn’t have the patience or power to keep up with the new TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram trend setters. While he can’t give away money because raising a family costs a lot these days especially during inflation or while he doesn’t have the time to troll people on Roblox, he is bringing his own satirical sense of humor to the internet through podcasts, and social media.

While 41 may be too old to become a social media superstar, he is hoping his relatable content will bring a smile to your face and keep the positive vibes flowing in a place that sometimes can be dark. 

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